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NM: FULFILLMENT | foto credit: auf Pixabay

FULFILLMENT ... what does it mean to you?

… to me, it means more than just success. For me, it is all about my LIFE PURPOSE… envisioning it, embracing it and living it.

It was in June 2023 that I experienced another kind of FULFILLMENT… having participated in CTI’s co-active COACHING intermediate course (module1) which is also called Fulfillment. Today, I want to share some of my KEY TAKE AWAYS from this course:

1st... focus on the FUTURE. 2nd... do not to get stuck in the NOW and the HOW. 3rd... EXPERIENCE your vision.

1st ... focus on the FUTURE.

With the call to action: Do not stay in the present – but focus on the future and ask yourself: What’s your dream?

So, let me ask you: What is your dream? What do you enVISION for your future?

2nd ... do not to get stuck in the NOW and the HOW.

As the HOW kills the WHAT (= the VISION). So, do not ask questions like “What is stopping you? What get’s in your way?” as these questions focus on the now and the how, the problem rather than the solution. And focussing on the solution involves a FAST FORWARD – to the vision, to the dream and what better catapult in the future is there than to EXPERIENCE it fully.

3rd ... EXPERIENCE your vision.

This was a game changer. Not only thinking about it, dreaming of it, turning it around in my head but to really feel it, in the body – to enVISION it with all my senses.

So, what’s my “it” – my VISION for life – my dream?

Primarily, to live an authentic life, being true to myself and to others - independent from norms (society) including social media, success, career, status - i.e. “my mansion, my car, my ship” – following my values, my intuition and my LIFE PURPOSE (

… to inspire & to beINSPIREd, to be #onstage … to transform & to be transformed, to make a difference … to coCreate and to coActivate, to build the future together.

So, let me ask you again: What’s your VISION for life? What’s your dream?

… which difference would you like to make?

… what are you longing for?

… which future would you like to build – together?

✨ How about exploring the answers to these questions together?

Contact me (

& book your sample COACHING session with me today (

I am very much looking forward to (re-)connecting with you.

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