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NM:MN A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ... AI in healthcare…

... was the intro to the PopUpLounge of Roche in Austria on July 6th, 2023 in Linz.

Based on the topic “Digital Medicine” it was during a terrific double.conference where Lukas Fischer shared his insights of “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… a machine learning scientist” – whereas Jens Meier set these details in contrast to “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… a physician”.

Thus, it was during this inspiring key note that the 40 participants were taken on a deep dive into the possibilities as well as the limitations of AI in healthcare  #artificialintelligence #healthcare … understandably described from the perspective of a machine learning scientist and practically translated into everyday clinical practice from the point of view of a physician. In the subsequent panel discussion with representatives of different indications, insights from clinical practice were broadened by both the point of view of the patient (Lukas Zahrer) as well as the ethical perspective (Lukas Madl). The finale of the event was an interactive “station operation”, where the participants could inform themselves not only but also about the project MEDUSA HEALTH… professionally hosted by Michael Giretzlehner, Isabell Ganitzer and Wolfgang Fenz The discussions were lively & inspiring … the networking was cheerful… the feedback received from the healthcare professionals was that they appreciate Roche’s dedication to these topics of the future – and they would like to see these topics deepened…

My thanks go out to all participants – be it #speakers, #panelists or #stationhosts – for contributing #onstage as well as to my colleagues contributing #behindthescenes to this great event.

>> my personal conclusion ✨ : 🎉 A FULFILLING DAY IN THE LIFE OF… a patient journey partner

Fotocredits: © Cherie Hansson

Impressionen von der Roche PopUpLounge zum Thema "Digitale Medizin"
Impressionen von der Roche PopUpLounge zum Thema "Digitale Medizin"

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