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NM:MN Executive Coaching - full range of #leadership – walking the talk

What I love about being human is that one size definitely does not fit all.

We are all unique – same same but different, in a way...

btw: if you want to deep dive on this subject, visit my blog 😉 NM:MN Unterschiede – ICH:BIN same same but different  (

... in my experience, this is true for clothes, relationships, food, hobbies, dreams, lifestyle, vacations, jobs and also LEADERSHIP.

“full range of #leadership” - walking the talk

Which is why I commit dearly to the “full range of leadership” as well as to walking the talk.

The so-called "full range of leadership" stretches from “laissez-faire” to “transformational” - on its way also covering “transactional” – and it asks leaders to cover it all, the whole bandwidth of leadership. In order to be able to use the one leadership style which is most suitable to the person and/or the situation at hand.


For me, #laissez-faire cannot really be called leadership. Bottom line it is “hands-off” – let everyone and everything go with the flow. No interventions. So, why is there a leader present anyway? And then, I recalled Steve de Shazer’s three basic principles of solution focussing:

"Don't fix what isn't broken!" "Find out what works well and fits - and do more of it!" "If something doesn't work and fit well enough despite a lot of effort - stop doing it and try something else!"

and I said to myself – well, considering the first principle there is some sense in “laissez-faire” after all 😊


#Transactional on the other hand is not my cup of tea either – too technocratic for my taste. As it is based on the fundamental idea that rational individuals, through performance achieve an advantage for the company and subsequently themselves. The model comprises (1) the clarification of goals and tasks as well as the delegation of responsibility, (2) performance monitoring and (3) reward/sanction. Yes, all these aspects are needed of course, but “stand alone” it is too functional and lacks inspiration & individualism.


So, what about #transformational leadership? Now we are talking 😊

Transformational leaders stimulate and inspire others to achieve extraordinary outcomes and, in the process, develop their employees’ / followers’ own leadership capacity. In responding to the needs of the individual, these leaders support others in their growth & development by empowering them and by aligning the objectives & goals of the individuals, the leader, the group, and the larger organization. (source: Bass & Riggio, 2006)

There are 4 aspects to #transformational #leadership:

1.      Idealized influence 
… Influence through role model effect, charisma
2.      Inspirational motivation 
… Motivation through inspiration
3.      Intellectual stimulation
… Stimulation through personal responsibility
4.      Individualized consideration 
… Individual challenges for employees

Source: Bass, B. M., & Avolio B. J. (1990): Developing Transformational Leadership


ad Idealized influence


  • Being an ideal, value-orientated role model, morally and ethically credible and consistent ("walk the talk”)

  • Developing the power of personal charisma (charisma)

  • Develop values: Respect, consideration, focussing on the employees


ad Inspirational motivation


  • Inspiring people through a "purpose of existence" of the organisation ("transformative purpose") of the organisation

  • Creating a context of meaning and developing a "story"

  • Develop an attractive vision of the future

  • Clarify what the respective contribution to the whole is


ad Intellectual Stimulation


  • Enable coCreative work so that all employees are challenged to contribute and think for themselves

  • Allow the team to solve problems themselves

  • Support independence and personal responsibility through delegation

  • Encourage dialogue

  • Create creative atmospheres


ad Individualized Consideration


-        Sincere interest "at eye level"

-        Not "wanting to develop", but "allowing to develop"

-        Leading through questions (manager as coach)

-        Enabling individual development paths

-        “High potential" options


“full range of #leadership” - walking the talk

woman on the street
NM NoraMack - walking the talk (c) Markus Schneeberger

So, if you are …

✨ Feeling powerless and dependent on others / external factors – yearning for empowerment, based on inner stability and security, fuelled by the connection to your true self #selfleadership.

✨ Desiring clarity, an alignment of your inner compass, the revelation of your transformative purpose allowing you to assertively “walk your own talk” – in your personal as well as your professional life #transformationalleadership

✨ Seeking a leadership attitude that reflects your own life purpose as well as your unique values and bringing it to life customized to individual people & situations #fullrangeleadership

… let me know & get in touch via /


Stay tuned for an authentic testimonial coming from one of my clients #ExecutiveCoaching #transformationalleadership


Trusting in me as your coach & in us / our coCreation, means taking the first step towards trusting yourself being a true LEADER – of your life, your fulfillment, your job, your relationships, your new possibilities, …

Let us focus on any kind of #leadership which is relevant & dear to you, in this very moment… be it #selfleadership #transformationalleadership #fullrangeleadership or any other kind.

Whatever leadership journey we will embark on together… I am confident that it will be full of charisma, #inspiration, #coCreation and individual #transformation.


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