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NM:MN Make a wish...

The other day I was journaling... following my Credo for 2024 "Everything is possible"... dwelling on a drawing, one of my BFFs gave me around NewYear's, inviting me to

drawing of a hand holding a spark

Which got me thinking:

What if?

... there were no organizations and no personal lifestyles in the form we know today & we could make a wish and reinvent them? 

YES, like #Laloux did – same same but different… because it would be of our own making 😊 


What would they look like? How much emphasis on meaning and purpose would there be?

Which kind of organizations would we build for ourselves?

Such questions trigger ideas and prototypes which can then be tested and developed further - they are an #inspiration for #transformation and for NM:NeueMöglichkeiten (i.e. new possibilities).


Apart from creative thoughts your mind might also come up with more challenging questions:

How do organizations change then? And what about the inner & outer transformation of ourselves, of our own lives – how does that work? How does the new come into the world of organizations? And how does the new come into our personal world?

Since an organization - just like our lives - consists of decisions, change also is implemented through decisions. Whether these choices are made in a reactive manner (mainly answering to triggers coming from outer circumstances) or whether they are based on inner self-reflexion and are thus made pro-actively, maybe even anticipating change, depends on each and every one of us (as we all are taking countless decisions each day).


Another approach to change-/decision-making is the “concept of planned change”:

If you want an organization - or your own life – to change, you have to connect the dots between

(1) the status quo, which you want to change (i.e. be/become different),

(2) the future vision (#northstar, aka “Make a wish”) and

(3) the actions necessary in order to implement this future vision.


When applying such adjustments between an undesired status quo and a desired future vison to our personal lives, it is essential not to get stuck in the comparison itself – ultimately leading to oneself falling into a crisis because the “grass is always greener on the other side” or we (you, me) are “not enough” (and never will be) – so why bother (with making a wish for a future vision which we will never be able to create for ourselves anyways).

The all-important part of this exercise is to define and then take all necessary actions to close the gap between the desired outcome / future vision (#northstar, aka “Make a wish”) and the undesired status quo. We (you, me) can do this. #trusttheprocess


Let’s get to it then.

>> How can purpose, self-organization and agility be established - and further on be stabilized - in the system? And to put this question in a more private context: How can I align the status quo of my own life with a desired life – a future vision (#north star, aka “Make a wish”) - a specific meaning and purpose?

>> In organizations, it is not very promising to repeatedly initiate larger change processes. The same applies to our personal lives. It is neither productive nor meaningful to make periodic efforts to bring change into our lives – such as annual resolutions at the beginning of a new year, various fasting rituals (no alcohol, no meat, no TV, no sugar, no cigarettes, no whatever), last minute diets before the upcoming summer vacation or mindfulness exercises which are limited to a certain period of time (e.g. burning incense & meditating around x-mas and new year’s).

 Furthermore, the attribute “purpose driven” cannot be earned / achieved through the use of individual tools and methods – neither in the organizational nor in the individual setting. Many publications about purpose, self-organization and agility contain a variety of methods & approaches (e.g. purpose quests, scrum or holacracy) that have already been tested and require more or less of an effort to be implemented. On a similarly far-reaching scale tools and models are offered to individuals promising assistance in finding a meaningful & fulfilled life.


What is needed though, is not a specific tool-set but a fundamentally different way of operating – which is true for both, organizations as well as individuals. In organizations, for example, processes are explicitly designed to create guidelines for self-organization High demands are placed on people's willingness to learn, grow and take on self-responsibility for which in return they are offered meaning and autonomy. In the private context it is also about creating space – setting boundaries while at the same time pushing them. All the while aiming to bring purpose & fulfilment into one’s own life.


So, if you are…

✨ Seeking clarity with regard to your LIFE PURPOSE, joy and fulfilment

✨ Wishing to (re-)adjust your INNER COMPASS in alignment with your genuine self.

✨ Daring to face & tackle your INNER TRANSFORMATION in order to create an outer transformation resulting in this gorgeous life you manifest for yourself and the ones around you.… let me know & get in touch via /

Important: As we are talking about a different way to operate, a lifestyle change we are also talking about leaving the comfort the zone. And out there, in unfamiliar territory, the greater challenge lies in sticking with the new (rather than falling back to old habits). So, the solution lies in repetition – create new habits & rituals, as only what is practiced in a goal-oriented and reflective manner is retained and improved as a skill.


Stay tuned to find out more about the emotional as well as the rational dimensions of purpose – in the organizational as well as the personal setting.

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