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NM:MN WHAT IF? ear piece vs inner peace

ear piece, swim googles, bathing cap, water
WHAT IF? ear piece vs inner peace. | Fotos von Nora Mack
WHAT IF? … you lose your ear piece? (as it washes down the drain 🫣)
Well, you still got your inner peace 😇 or do you? … without this barrier blocking out at least some of the surrounding noise.

How do you keep your inner peace?

How do you keep calm on the inside with all this noise going on, on the outside?

For me, inner peace comes with my ear piece during the night 😉

and with the implementation of learnings I take away from my own coaching experiences (being a coachee) throughout the day.

& yes, my inner peace also comes with swimming - as I really love to swim and "true / fun fact" almost became a professional swimmer myself - when a talent scout, or whatever these jobs where called, back in the days, approached me with an invite to kick-off just that, a professional swimming career, when I was still a kid... but that's a story better saved for another day 😉 ... where was I? Oh yes, I love swimming 🥰 - especially in the early morning, at the break of day… this energy, this atmosphere, it is just incredible… and swimming per se, it clears the head, washes away all sorrow and/or overthinking and makes everything flow (again)… simply gorgeous 🏊‍♀️🫶🧜‍♀️🐳

The connection between inner peace & sports? Well, for me, building my inner peace kind of resembles building a muscle in sports… which is where the term “coaching” originally came from… with a coach accompanying and looking after athletes in order to support them mentally, finding out their potential and developing an optimal schedule and training plan together.

Building on that...

... the transfer of insights I gained during my own coaching experiences to my daily life is like caring for my body with daily physical exercise… both rituals contribute immensely to my own wellbeing.

What’s contributing to your self-care?
How are you taking care of your wellbeing?

If you are interested in experiencing how coaching can affect your wellbeing, visit my website ( and book your sample coaching session now.

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